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Rank 1: ​ Vinit Sambre - DSP BLACKROCK MUTUAL FUND

Success Mantra: To create wealth from equity investment one should be willing to give it time. Also, it's important to ignore the noise as markets go higher, as it is easy to commit mistakes during this phase. 

Invest in good businesses, not in stocks. Pick businesses you understand well and which have a future visibility. Be patient and invest with a long-term view. If you find following any of this difficult, use the mutual fund route for equity investments.

Past winners: Themes/sectors such as pharma, specialty chemicals, textiles, NBFCs and consumer discretionary have done well for us. 

Rank 2: ​ Jinesh Gopani - AXIS MUTUAL FUND

Success Mantra: Disciplined approach, sticking to quality, identifying leaders, weeding out highly cyclical and highly regulated sectors. Long-term approach to portfolio construction.

Avoid non-scalable sectors and companies and regulated sectors. Invest in managements that understand their sector and business well and have the leadership quality to navigate the good and bad phase of the business to come out as winners. 


Success Mantra: Identify businesses that are attractive to investors in terms of growth, quality and sustainability. A considered and consistent approach, in line with one's temperament and capability, helps pick good stocks.

Past winners: Pidilite, Amara Raja, Finolex Cables, Voltas, MMFS and Repco Home Finance.

A buy-and-hold approach remains the cornerstone of his philosophy and he is willing to be patient for his high conviction ideas to play out

Rank 4: Sohini Adani - SBI MUTUAL FUND

Success Mantra: Invest for the long-term and pay attention to the business' fundamentals.

Insists on focusing more within the existing portfolio and build positions wherever possible.

Past winners: Motherson Sumi, HCL Tech, Divis Laboratories, Ramco Cement, Cholamandalam Finance, Maruti, HDFC Bank, Page Industries, Bharat Forge. 


Success Mantra: Discipline, bottom up research, focus on data and facts, merit-based business picks. The best investment decisions are the ones which don't need too much justification.

He firmly believes that the price we pay for a business is far more important than what we buy, while business fundamentals rarely change, what does change is the price. Low entry price and high margin of safety is the biggest risk mitigating factor, apart from diversification and portfolio weighting.

Past winners: Auto ancillaries, pharma, tech and banking. 

Rank 6: Neelesh Surana - MIRAE ASSET MUTUAL FUND

Success Mantra: Not to invest in low growth stocks purely because of valuation. Have a business-like approach to equity investments, and, so, try to tune-out the market noise.

He strongly believes that this alpha is owed to being in the right pockets within sectors, rather than playing on sector rotation and, hence, tends to take aggressive positions in his high conviction bets instead of deviating from sector allocation.

Past winners: HPCL, Amara Raja, Natco, Bajaj Finance, IndusInd Bank. 

Rank 7: Chirag Setalvad - HDFC MUTUAL FUND

Success Mantra: A bottom-up diversified portfolio of quality businesses and holding them for longer periods. Do basic analysis, avoid fads, study long-term historical performance.

He goes past numbers and meets those managing various operations of the company and also people from the same industry. Setalwad's approach allows him to execute his funds' strategy across bull and bear phases of the market. He prefers quality businesses and managements that have an aptitude for sensible capital allocation.

Past winners: Bajaj Finance, Amara Raja, Sundaram Fastners, Supreme Industries, Grindwell Norton, Greenply, KNR, FAG, Bayer and Solar Inds. 

Rank 8: Pankaj Tibrewal - KOTAK MAHINDRA MUTUAL FUND

Success Mantra: Investing in capital-efficient, scalable business with reasonable valuations.

Besides profit, focus on cash flows and balance sheet. 

His investment philosophy is underpinned by a sharp focus on finding capital-efficient businesses that provide scalability and are backed by competent management. He prefers businesses that have the ability to reinvest cash accruals at higher rates of return and can perform across business cycles to create wealth over the long term.

Past winners: Bajaj Finance, IndusInd Bank, Whirlpool, V-Guard, Finolex Cables, Atul Ltd, Ramco Cements, Motherson Sumi, Torrent Pharma, Divis. 

Rank 9: S. Krishnakumar - SUNDARAM MUTUAL FUND

Success Mantra: Focus on simple, scalable firms with sustainable competitive edge, strong cash flows, and return ratios. Select asset classes and allocation and stick to them for life. 

He strictly avoids capital guzzling businesses and companies with efficient allocation of capital get his nod. He is also against dynamic churn in the portfolio. For out performance, stocks need to play out their growth, he reckons. Apart from stock selection and their weight in the portfolio, it is their holding period which determines the fund's return.

Past winners: Bajaj Finance, SRF, V Guard, Wabco, Fag Bearings, Ramco Cements, Honeywell Automation, Ashok Leyland. 


Success Mantra: Bottom-up stock picking. Successful firms are the ones adapting with the changing world. Besides valuations, he tends to focus on a company's management strength, product range, consumer feedback, market size and share, free cash flows and corporate governance. He prefers companies with consistent earnings growth over the medium- to long-term and fully backs his conviction bets. 

The idea is to buy a sizeable share of strong businesses available at reasonable valuations and participate in their long-term growth.

Past winners: Bosch India, Maruti Suzuki, Biocon, Bayer CropScience, MRF, Zee Entertainment and Capital First.