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The crux of all the things due to which a company stands out amongst its peers is the sheer consistency which the company shows over and over again despite the years of ups and down or the rigid slowdown that too in a housing sector makes it even a strong case of a case study to invest. When the real estate is under a long spell of gloom there is one company which stands out tall is none other than the Cera Sanitary ware with a robust sale figure of 28% and CAGR of 37%.

These results are due to sheer high brand value and the high product optimization besides the deep penetration in the small townships also via effective logistics and so also the strong structured marketing efforts, high quality and a wide product line to choose from be it the sanitary ware, high end showers, whirlpools, steam cubicles or faucets ware, tile segment.

 If we compare to its peers the stock price of cera is expensive but still the stocks of cera has returned a handsome 297% over the past 18 months, the maximum mileage was gained from the initiative undertaken by the government of India ‘The Swatchh Bharat’ initiative. Cera has the all out support of the hefty fund inflows by the FIIs. At the start of the year 2015 the company has announced an increase in the FIIs holding limit to 36% from the earlier 24%. Cera Company is also going to raise Rs 70 crores from the light house funds a second private equity fund through a preferential allotment.

 To put a further booster for the future growth the cera company is planning to increase in its facilities the sanitary ware to 3 million pieces per annum from the present 2.7 million and the faucet ware from0.9 million pieces to 2.7 million pieces. The cera company holds big reputation in the sanitary ware market as a established brand and is all set to go for extensive expansion in the distribution network in its already logistics to reckon with and so also to increase the demands and give a fillip to its sale figures. So those looking to invest can surely opt for the Cera Sanitary ware with a long term perspective.