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Chettinad Group must recover -Son Stroke

The Chettinad Group is a Chennai based Indian industrial sprawling conglomerate with the traces of its origin to the S.R.M.M. (Satappa Ramanatha Muttaiya) in the late 1870s. The S.R.M.M. Muthiah Chettiar was infact a very noted financier, a money lender and a philanthropist belonging to the Chettiar community. His youngest son Annamalai Chettiar started India’s first private university in 1929- The Annamalai University. The Chettiar family not only made fortunes for itself in India but also elsewhere in Malaysia, Srilanka and Myanmar. The Britishers conferred the title of Raja of Chettinad on Annamalai. His son M.A. Muthiah Chettiar inherited and grew the Chettinad Group, while the other son M.A.Chidamabaram founded the SPIC Group after deciding to branch out independently.

This is for sure that while travelling in Chennai it is next to impossible that you do not come across either a hospital, educational institution, temple, company or a charity belonging to the S.R.M.M. family, and some other ventures like the Indian Bank, United India Insurance, Indian Overseas bank, consolidated coffee Ltd and the Madura coats apart from conglomerates like the Chettinad Group and the SPIC Group the former finance minister Mr.P.Chidamabaram member of parliament comes from this family.

Initially the S.R.M.M. family the united Annamalai Chettiar Group which later split as Chettinad Group and MA Chidambaram’s Southern Group was founded by the famous Tamil Nagarathan businessman Raja Sir Annamalai Chettiar. The Chettinad’s have various diversified business like the Chettinad cement company limited, Chettinad power corporation pvt ltd (CPCPL), Fused Silica, Chettinad Quartz products pvt ltd, Chettinad MB-FHI Silicon limited, Chettinad Logistics pvt ltd, and in the minerals division- purity quartz gritz, lorry division, Chettinad ship management services, imported coal trading, Chettinad international coal terminal pvt ltd, common user coal terminal, Chettinad lignite transportation services pvt ltd, lignite trans south India corp. ltd, Chettinad college of engineering and tech, Chettinad university and Chettinad dental college and research institute and an overall more than 5, 000 crores of consolidated  group’s revenue.  

The Muthiah Chettiar nurtured the company initially and then later on by his sons M.AM.Ramaswamy, as M.A.M.Muthiah had no children so upon his demise in the 1970. So M.A.M.Ramaswamy inherited the group after his father’s demise. Since he did not have children so due to the relative’s and the acquaintances pressure he wilted and adopted a son just in order to carry forward the name of the family. As the course of life went on some differences in the manner of running the organization cropped up which are not too grave so as not to be sorted out. The family legacy of 10 decades will carry on long way.