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No Granted repetition in Markets

The new investors commonly feel that there will be some repetition of sorts today but such type of thinking is very fatal because movement of the market in either direction has no fixed path, yes but with the expert advice one can be doubly sure. As such there are the days when the market is bullish or bearish.
Of late mostly the market has been bullish and sometimes some correction causes the market to crumble and this is just a temporary phase, and mostly the corrections have been effected due to the quarterly reports were not as expected or the slide in crude oil prices, interest rate cut. As an investor one must never overlook the basic principles of investing. The markets usually test your emotions and also that what are your investing habits and also that how much good you are as an investor.

However it is only takes an expert to advice you about investments and its timing because it is only an expert who analyses the past trends, international and national events and policies and their effects on the market and analyze the future course of the market. Getting overexcited and at times fretting is uncalled for and believe me no two days are identical so that is to say that tomorrow cannot be like yesterday or even like today, and just in case of the first signs of correction the investors flee thinking that this is the beginning of negative trends of the market and so exit the market at the very first opportunity in haste.

Making loss at the times when the markets were zooming up and so also making losses when the markets were on corrections is just a result of lack of far-sightedness. It is a common phenomenon that usually all eyes are glued only on upward trends of the markets and it is seldom that one even pauses to analyze the causes behind the behavior of the market and rule out and over look any chances of market corrections. One way is to think that the shares are overpriced and the other way is to just keep investing in anticipation of a bright future.

As the economic indicators are at all time best, crude prices have come down reasonably down, the quarterly reports are also encouraging and the corporate mood is also upbeat. In the year 2014 the mutual funds netted Rs12,220 crores by launching 75 equity NFOs started 51 closed ended schemes of Rs9,600 crores and by the Dec end of 2014  the mutual funds increased to Rs4,027 crores indicating the bright future is here to stay for good.