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Mutual Funds – Back Into the Reckoning

Since the last nine months the wealth of the individual investors in the mutual funds have increased by 32% and is Rs 5.24 lakh crores this was in December 2014 and increased by 32% than what it was in March 2014. This all has happened due to the positive sentiment.

 Almost 72% of the investments came from the top 15 locations and the countries 45 mutual funds are managing more than 11 lakh crores of the investments. In the mutual funds most of the investments have come in the equity related schemes and searching such likewise instruments as even the pace of the sensex has been instrumental in its growth as sensex rose by 23%.

 In the mutual funds there are 4.03 crores of portfolios of the investors out of which there are 99% of the folios are of the individual investors. The rising interest of the investors in the mutual funds can be accessed by the fact that the mutual funds in the March 2014 was 9.02 lakhs crores and grew to 11.34 lakh crores in Dec 2014.
Whenever the markets are bullish the investors interest rises in the mutual funds and this only proves that the interest of the investors besides the major 15 cities have also come up. Mostly the interest is in the equity mutual funds and the same will continue to grow in many years to come.