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Merge to Surge

The times are changing in the Indian shores if we take a keen look at the spree of mergers have taken the world by surprise that is making the impossible possible in most of the merger cases. First is the surprise merger of Tata Power with ICICI, well it is the marriage of skill and money with a pledge to turning around the power plant from the troubled waters by adhering to the regulatory norms solving the intermittent fuel supplies and petty issues like high debt and low demand and looking into these aspects the Tata Power and ICICI Venture did float a Rs6, 000 crore fund by buying the sick power plants for the investors and of course their mutual benefits.

 ICICI will be responsible primarily for both the organizing both debt as well as equity funding for all such acquisitions and of course Tata Power is the India’s largest integrated power company in the private sector is to charge for handling the operations and maintenance aspects.

Another game changer was handshake of JSW Energy with JP Power Venture eventually where JSW Energy acquired two flagship hydropower plants of Jaiprakash power Baspa and Karcham Wangto in Himachal for Rs 9,700 crores. The third snowball is the merger of Sun Pharma and the Ranbaxy Laboratories where the Sun Pharma had to pay around Rs17, 000 crores. Similarly was the surprise springing by the merger of Flipkart and  Myntra with Rs 2,000 crores.  Likewise the coming together of Kotak Mahindra and ING Vysya, Piramal and Shriram Group.  The urge to succeed brings even the poles apart characters together take for example when there is fire breaks out in the forest and a small wood is flowing in the river, than you can find the staunchest enemies like rat, snake, cats and dog clinging together for their dear to that piece of log afloat in water.