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In The Thick of Action

There are several co-relating factors strengthening from the recent macro as well as micro economic or political events. Be it the bullish or bearish markets the corrections are always there and so are the rallies which only enables the investors to invest in quality stocks at attractive valuations. Be it the thunderous majority winning political party in India which has kept the sentiments on the higher side and India is taking everything positive or negative in its stride towards its major goal of becoming self sufficient country by developing a thermostat to keep itself immune to any external events and as such our economy is going on towards what we can call a multiyear bull run.

 As we are witnessing a lower inflation and commodity prices are weak which is aiding the cyclical recovery and even the major bankers across the world are engaged in trying to fight deflation and will take advantage of the lower interest rates here so also greater monetary easing and India happens to be the first choice for the cap ital inflows as compared to its peer emerging countries because India has made quantum reforms right from a very stable government which has initiated increase in FDI limits, open to various sectors, subsidy reforms, SEZ, foreign partnerships increased in railways, defense, infra and many more.

The returns on the broader markets are not only large caps but visible contribution from small as well as large caps too. Initially the tech startups in India was hampered by poor reach of the wired internet, whereas India has a vast market left untapped, and India is headed for becoming the second largest mobile internet users in the world. Hard to believe but in the next ten years you will see the new technologies being developed in India and getting diffused to the rest of the world pacing up the things to come and India will be the invention hub for latest technology heralding India as a cyber country thus cutting the costs, rising the levels of performances providing the employment opportunities and thus improve the life of workers, consumers and business houses in India.

 Even the mobile Internet will boom to one billion in the next decade. Even the cloud based services, total automation knowledge based education, digital verification and digital identities of one and all. Revolution besides the digital technological sector would be in the energy sector such as unconventional oil and natural gas, renewable energies and latest energy storage facilities like genomics. Boosting of basic facilities, rise in productivity both in manufacturing and agriculture, best of logistics, improved transportation in land, water and air, hygiene and healthcare- diagnostics urban and rural level equally. Mobile banking would be the next phase through which all the Indians be connected. In all the above developments IT sector will definitely play a massive role.