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India is back in MSCI EM Index

There is good news in the air that India is on the way back into the high life again , yes India is still to witness more of the FIIs money pooling in the equity markets as India has regained its earlier high of 7.25% in terms of weightage in the MSCI Emerging Market Index after long time. Another good news is that MSCI BRIC Index has risen to 17.35% by this October end.

MSCI EM is Morgan Stanley Capital International Emerging Market, it was started in 1988 wherein the MSCI launched the first comprehensive emerging markets Index. Since then the emerging markets have become an important and integrated part of a global equity portfolio allocation. In 1988 there were just 10 countries in the MSCI emerging markets index representing less than 1% of the world market cap but now it covers over 800 securities across 23 markets and represents 11% of the world markets and represents 11% of the world market cap. MSCI is a leading provider of investment decision support tools to over 6000 clients worldwide !!!!!

Now the news is that MSCI is about to add 44 Indian stocks to its global Small cap index while removing eight from its list , so a lot of foreign inflows into the Indian markets are expected soon .