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The revolutionary trends in the world of marketing

From the days of small time retailing shops to the well planned furnished retail shops with kiosks to the chains of retail franchises, the retail business has come a long way.Graduating to shopping malls which are one stop shopper’s paradise where products ranging from good morning to goodnight are available in air conditioned environment. Now the Malls have to give way because the rentals were skyrocketing.

If we consider the current volumes of marketing business, it’s just too hard to believe how the young internet market place is while the timeline of internet marketing has been short, but the cumulative events leading up to the current times where we are is just a part of a huge success story where as the entire globe was influenced much faster than any of the marketing revolution so far.  Going back to 1994 when the internet came in vogue it was mostly used for universities and military purposes for as a tool of exchanging email and other digital interactions and was not a tool of advertising medium and in 1994 the spending for the internet marketing was hardly anything but by the end of 1995 the business was $300 million!!!! and now a little more than a decade later the internet marketing business has exploded to a whooping $200 billion !!!! .

Today it’s hard to believe about any organization which does not has any online presence mainly because the product comes from the manufacturer to the single middleman and directly to the end user , cutting short the national distributor, c&f, state distributor, wholesalers thereby cutting upon the various % of margins distributed to the various hands the product would go through .

Now it was not long ago before the marketing pioneers began to see the potential for the internet business as a million web surfing hits to find the relevant and valuable information and within a few years the information and educational marketing as well as graphically enticing banner ads cropped up and very soon the results begin to flood in which only proved the value of the internet market place o even the worst of the critic skeptical advertiser. It was not long enough that the companies which had been spending huge chunks of their marketing budget on the brick and mortar begin to realize that they could achieve the same results through emails and that too for much less and soon the industry giants such as Microsoft corp to small business houses begin to build company sites and spend marketing dollar to attract qualified traffic , even the search engine companies like yahoo began to create grand profits from advertising alone .

Then came the giant internet marketing boost around the year 2000 which marked the beginning of the end of the internet marketing such as flashing banner ads because as the interactive features were added to the web pages the consumers were given the option of turning off the marketing messages or rather skipping them .Following this came the educational based invitational marketing crystallized with creation of web200 tech and billions of voices begin to rise all over the world and the internet marketing became a global community medium as it was not only a marketing medium but it lead to relational based marketing which led to the most lucrative opportunities for both solo entrepreneurs and small startups alike .

The B2CE –commerce and business to business (B2B) also became popular when the National Science Foundation lifted its restrictions for commercial use of its internet and online and thus it led to a great boom in the market .In 1995 the largest online chain introduced and many more companies like e-bay followed the league.
1983- Email, 1993 HTML, 1995-Amazon,2003-Adwords,2006-twitter,2007-Iphone 2010-open graph.

Despite the explosion seen in the online companies the growth rate is almost in all verticals is in the range of 14% to 20% range, however 90% of the online businesses fail just like the brick and mortar business fail simply because they fail to achieve their objectives which are tactical and also fail to address the more urgent strategic issues relative to the environment of the web business, lack of understanding and knowledge of the online world , the company has to keep monitoring the online business at regular intervals and do up gradations from time to time .For the online e commerce business one should find the niche , good use of technology, logistics, know beforehand the ever-changing marketing tends ,facilitate pickup depots orders through smart phones of daily and monthly needs of the customers, flashy apps virtual dressing facility use of social networking sites ,whatsapp application on pc and laptops, retail based social networks, coordination at the international level and capitalization.

The location also matters just not of the retail store but also location on the web page because it’s the common assumption that the best locations are on the first page of the Google search engine page and the user usually clicks anyone of the options given on the first page and they seldom go to the next page , secondly Google’s first page represents the 80% of all the search traffic .

Now winning the first page placement on Google requires a thorough understanding of how the search engine operates .Web based marketing skills. Timing and tech expertise in search engine optimization with the click of a mouse site surfing can be done, so the site should be maintained as very attractive as there is no salesman to convince the customer .

In the online business the company should keep updated with the web landscape and nature and taste and frequency of the online shopping community. As the web is relatively a new frontier and a truly impulsively compulsive buyer driven world with different sets of ever-changing rules. Thus the buyer has the choice of unlimited variety of choices of not only the products but also the choice of online companies so the company should be very careful about the mood of the customer and the issues the customers face while buying online and sole them to the customer’s satisfaction. But still the E-commerce is just a baby and has a loooong way to go with a good track record behind it.