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Midcaps and Large caps may give knee jerk

It’s time to keep an eagle eye on the mid caps and large cap especially those which are concentrated with more than 30% of FIIs share. As this Wednesday there is going to be a debate on the probability of interest rate hikes and if it happens there may be some sharp sell-offs if its implemented soon thereby upsetting the sentiments to some extent .

Because whenever the global market face the liquidity crunch it’s the midcaps who take most of the brunt .Always put bullish bet on those midcaps which have weak earnings prospect here the chances of correction are minimum. Those mid caps that have proven management and strong base who can transform themselves in big league are the better choice.

In the long run it’s better to invest in at least ten different small caps who have long term vision and forget them after investing in them or let’s put it the other way that you will forget them in the course of ten year or so .You will see that after a decade four out of ten small caps will have hit the large cap bracket .Now before you jump to the conclusion , you will need the advice of a experienced advisory because there is no parameter , company history , reviews , management record for the laymen to analyze and predict these small caps making it big .