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India creates Martian history


India leads the way and creates Martian history 680 million kilometer away!!!! A Grand dream comes true, Indian Space Research Foundation (ISRO) takes a giant leap by accomplishing the world’s fastest cheapest and a very difficult mission Mars flawlessly, because only 41% is the success ratio as out of 51 attempts only 21 have succeeded .We took 50% time and only 10% expenditure compared to US, they took 6 years and Rs 4100 crores  where as we took just 3 years and Rs450 crores .

Mars Orbitor Mission (MOM) has been designed to study the atmosphere of the Mars , the news broke in at 7.47 am on 24 sept. 2014 heralding a new era – new dawn at ISRO with a committed team comprising of 14 scientists----K.Radhakrishnan,M.Annadurai,S.Ramakrishnan,S.K.Shivkumar.P.Kunhikrishnan,Chandradathan,A.S. Kiran Kumar,M.Y.S.Prasad, S.Arunan,B.Jaya Kumar, M.S. Pamirselvam, S.Arunan,V.Kesava and V.Koteswara Rao and India stands together for a thunderous loud round of applause to these national heros they all are the nations pride ,a great inspiration and poster boys for the generations to come.

A lot is happening in India, this May there were launch of five foreign satellites by ISRO at Sriharikota. ISRO has launched 70 satellites since 1975. ISRO was established in 1969 , and in 1975 ISRO built its first satellite Aryabhata, later developed PSLV for launching satellites in polar orbits , 2008 another breakthrough by launching first lunar exploration mission chandrayan -1 , next is the big prestigious mission – manned mission to the moon which will catapult India in the elite list of successfully carrying the manned missions indigenously .

What the future holds now is just the after effects of this mega achievement that there will be a flood of students enthusiastic about taking this stream seriously and aspire to become scientists thereby we will have more crop of young scientists coming up. So also there will be positive ripples created worldwide in the young students, in the business, investors and scientist’s fraternity alike.

Now since India has proved its mettle again it is imperative that the world focus will be on India in terms of first hand information about the Mars like Methane sensing and probing atmosphere loss,  and also cooperation and coordination will be sought from India by the world not only in terms of space research , but also there will be long term after effects on various fields of FIIs rush in India , overall development in various spheres  of business , imports , indigenous productions, Indian multinationals and made in India  will be held in high esteem . The time has come to witness huge surge in the Indian stock markets in the already promising couple of decade’s long bullish market as India not only wins the race in space but also one of the best performing stock markets in the world !!!!