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Emerging Superpower asks Kem-Cho America

Yes India is the new Emerging super power on the blocks will ask America – Kem-cho. As the new dawn begins projecting India as the new globally happening hub center for manufacturing, Yes Make in India, launched by the P.M. with the 3D advantages of democracy, demography and demand, with a new phrase for FDI –First develop India was unveiled in Vigyan bhavan with overflowing capacity making many stand right all through the presentation without complaining,with arrangements of translating machines and a strong Japanese contingent.  There is a huge turnaround of events like Policies being turned from obstructionist to popular, and investor friendly as earlier the foreign investment had collapsed and Rs collapsing from Rs55 to Rs 68 and now hovering around Rs62. Everybody was fed up with the red tape, policy paralysis  and anti business attitude and so the business world was against India to cite examples of Restrictive patent regime, taxation  hassles and CBI enquiries in case of Vodafone, Birla group, Pharmaceutical hassles ,deli censing and amending of the labor laws  addressing these deterrent issues will make an environment for grand commercial successful hub.

India plans to seek $1 trillion infrastructure development plans during the meeting with US President and with the world’s top financers and investors like Goldman Sachs, IBM, GE, Boeing, KKR and Blackrock.  With the drastic change targeted on infrastructure and logistics is adding a lot of gloss to the business opportunity called India. On the radar are power, ports and roads, coal mines agriculture and telecom. The sector ministries have been asked to step up at least 10% efficiency of the India’s existing infrastructure such as ports, power, telecom, coalmines and roads.

Next on the priorities are shipping which has to cut short its turnaround time for the ship on the Indian ports by two days. Port projects worth Rs 4200 crores allocated for port projects and has to boost import export capacity of the goods to 30 mt per year. Eastern Freight Corridor, Express highways, expansion of telecom towers and optic fiber network, stress on power generation capacity.

The immediate changes will be that manufacturing will get tremendously boosted thereby fueling high growth and global job opportunities will be created in India .There was a time when India had to make big fruitless efforts to commercially connect with the international markets, but now whole world is eager to connect with India to the core urban to rural .So now India has arrived as growth driver !!!!