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Revamping India through intense workshop

There is a drive to come out with strategies to revive investment cycle flows in the country by increasing India's global integrity as an one of the best investment destinations. There has will have to be liberalization of foreign direct investments and so also in the defense, even the indigenous manufacturing products which are good enough to compete in the international markets.

A lot will have to be done for undoing the damage in the investment climate such as retrospective tax policies ,the various scam taints not only in natural resources but also in telecom spectrum and coal .Main focus will be on creation of job through various employment schemes .

The countries financial health has hit the rock bottom so the first target seems to be to bring the inflation down and then to bring the country out of the financial mess .So now it’s imperative that the policies will have to be fair ,predictable and transparent and without any policy paralysis as well as without paralysis of policy execution .The immediate reforms are expected in fuel ,labour ,PSUs , revamping of NAREGA, food bill .Focus on maintaining surplus revenue ,banks to be consolidated ,extra emphasis on subsidy ,waiver of subsidies to farmers to be avoided which are used as an instrument to use as bait to get vote bank. Increase of railway fare and railway expansion, increasing tax slabs, consolidating the fiscal deficit and amendment of land bill. Frankly speaking its SHIP AHOY time for India..