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Markets jubilliant​ly silver jubilee

New foreign trade policy for the next five year plan will give the much required thrust not only in the service sector but also in improving the sentiments of the markets , and this positivity of the sentiments it was historically witnessed by pre exit polls and even now , yes pre budget rally , if its the sounds of the footsteps  of  the great times ahead .The budget to be presented in the first week of July .Now the credits are made tradable than the exporters can mobilise these incentives by selling them in the open markets .because exporters are given their credits for exports that can be used in imports , these credits go waste if the exporter does not use imported inputs , so now the credits will be made tradable .
Agriculture sector is on top priority which will result in boosting its share in the Indian economies output by working on the facilities of soil conservation, water harvesting, bio diversity ,modernisations ,logistics there is planning to upgrade the farming technology and thereby boosting the investments , irrigation projects and focus on market reforms in the budgets .
India has improved on a relative basis compared to Brazil and South Africa , since last six months India is more optimistic now . Last year we had two deficits the fiscal and current account deficit . Now the government has been able to lower the CAD .
Now streamlining the administration , corporate as well as GST tax reforms , infrastructure and power delivery , social infrastructure like sanitisation , and revamping of road, rail and water ways transportation . Its JAI HO all the way .