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The traders hope to hit the big times out of acute greed.

Many of the punters did not book profits despite book profit despite making more than double the profit in just four trading sessions by buying Nifty options in anticipation that the Nifty will break the 7000 psychological barrier which did happen on Monday .

There has been a phenomenal rise in the outstanding positions of 7000 Nifty . One should be happy with the good returns rather than hitting the jackpot .The fear, greed,  grudge and repenting should best be avoided by the traders.

There is a strong feeling in the market that the new government will be able to bring the much required change and thereby change things long awaited .Mostly a child walks and runs well before two years , but India is 67 year youth country and still has not learn to crawl .

If the new government does change few initial things and this will send positive signals which will help in positive sentiments and help the markets to rally further . A sound government will send positive signs thus making big corporates in India and abroad to invest in  Indian markets .

Now investors are more matured and inquire fundamental questions and want well researched stocks , even the execution apps and technology is more quick .The market is looking glossy well before .Watchout for small caps and mid caps .