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Despite all odds India is a very positively an optimistic country

Overlooking the facts that there is economic chaos and political uncertainty India continues to be the one of the most optimistic countries in the world and having the highest of the confidence levels .All thanks to the country for being an world spiritual base since time immemorial.

Generally Indians feel that the country is undergoing a recession phase and negative economical conditions and inflation, unemployment and financial crunch and despite all this Indians feel that this phase is going to be over soon in the coming months and the investments as well as the market sentiments will pick up soon overlooking the forecast of a weaker monsoon which would add to the inflationary pressures and the banks may be forced to keep the interest rates high.

People in general are hopeful of turnaround of the events as new stable government is around the corner and there would be job prospective as well as control of inflation also and putting the country back on to the fast tracks as the sentiments would be highly positive with consistent policy reforms which would trigger the investments across all the sectors .

Investment climate and consumerism will definitely boost the business confidence too. There are bound to be strong policy decisions .Even the purchasing habits have changed from need to leisure purchasing .Overall there is growing tendency of renewed focus on saving and investments for the long term and discretionary spendthrift mood .