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The brand India is on the way back to the top

The slowdown of the growth in the past decade has still not seemed to take the edge off for its hunger to make its global presence from being felt. Almost close to twenty companies are poised to join the one billion dollar net income in the financial year 2k14 and thus keeping the Rs -$ rate constant at the current levels after the prolonged slump .

ONGC, Reliance ,TCS , replaces Coal India at the third place which  coal India occupied in the last year .These factors like inflation , rupee depreciation , commodity price increases while damaging the economy has also benefitted certain sectors, like the consumer facing businesses have benefitted from the price increases .

Even the nature of such companies have changed significantly over the past decade. Of late the manufacturing industry has suffered a slowdown, on the other hand the domestic services sector and export oriented businesses have done reasonably well and this is why the companies like -- ONGC , RIL,NTPC have taken a back seat and companies like TCS, Infosys , Wipro, Tata motors (JLR),HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, have done reasonably well .Considering the Rs appreciation trend and the expectation of recovery in the domestic front after the general elections most of the analysts believe the number of one billion dollars profit companies  will be maintained even  in FY 2k15 .

The profits of these companies despite the recession continue to increase close to 15 % per anum . India has sustained and persistently grown and revived and this healthy trend could see more companies joining the elite club and may cross 16% profit PAT (profit after tax ) . the TOP THREE COMPANIES LIKE TCS ,Infosys and Wipro will be very promising which has by so far sustained and maintained its global IT outsourcing demand and the weaker Rs so far BHEL may miss in entering the list while the Axis bank is likely to make a debut in the club in  FY2k14 . So India is the country which the world is eagerly watching to make it to the top pretty soon.