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Rupee is at last under 60!!!!! .As the stock market geared up to set another record close and it’s the fourth time in a week!!!!!!!!! As Rupee rose to a 59.93 per Dollar, as China vouches for pro growth policies. And it’s the first time in eight months as China has promised to take steps to protect its economic growth.

Even the foreign institutional investors (FIIs) have been pumping funds into the Indian markets as they are anticipating a major push in the economic reforms and economic expansions back to back post April - May elections. Moreover the gains in Asian and European markets as well as China's clear indications have also boosted the sentiments on the domestic bourses. Market sentiments have been very buoyant by opinion i.e. exit polls which clearly indicates Prime ministerial candidate that Mr Narendra Modi lead BJP well ahead in the race by almost a clear majority , so much so that Rs 20,000 crores have been pumped into the Indian equities through overseas which is by so far been the highest monthly inflow in a year .

 The sensex geared 125.60 points i.e more than 0.5% to a 22,339.97 , while the Nifty rose to 54.15 points to strike 6.695.90 bang on . The market spectrum was overall very healthily strong .Both Midcap and Smallcap rose over one percent each and thus outperformed the sensex . 

Since the index valuation remains slightly lower than its long term graph of the past band , hense it has ample room to grow up much further if FIIs flows continue to remain strong . But since the corporate earnings remain marginally weak and if it does not shows improvements than the markets may correct from the current levels .

Since the Sensex gained in the past 4 to 5 sessions, the good news is that the stocks such as infrastructure , state owned banks ,capital goods , FMCG,IT, Pharmaceuticals excelled.

 The sensex is up by 5.4 % and now sensex beats the indices of Brazil , Russia and China .Investors are now keenly watching with all eyes glued on First of April as to what does the Central banks do as to what is going to be the announcements which it will make for its next monitory policy .There will be RBI meet as the pressure on RBI has eased quantum due to the slowing down  of retail inflation over the past 24 months . So we can look forward keenly to the economic revival after a decade’s much awaited economic reforms .