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Where to Invest in the year 2014

1) Infotech ----  because rupee is weak so it’s going to spur profits for the   I.T.  sector . I.T sector has shown significant growth. Future looks promisingly bright in the current order , backlog and the pipeline itself .

2) Banking  ---  Economic recovery will be good for this sector too .

3) Infrastructure ------ Change of government in center is inevitable in the coming lok sabha elections soon and the future looks promising .  India is going to be the best performing market in the coming time. It may not appear to be so right now.
But if you are a short term investor then investing will definitely appear to be too challenging to you!!!!!  but if you are a long term investor then the wind will be hitting your back and in the correct positive direction for you and so investing for the long term will appear to be a wonderful step taken  by you , which you will realize after half or a decade or so.
Here what we suggest is that being a strategic investment would put you in a win-win position rather than trying to be an opportunistically investing which would be a bad move , so its better to be a strategic investor rather than an opportunistic investor !