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This is to Inform all the readers of the VPS Advisory Services that we have applied for an Investment Advisor Certificate from SEBI dated Jan 13,2014, untill we get the certificate the website will publish the information regarding various financial product and services. Also the trading performance reports are those which our team do on trial basis on papers, the reports published does not claim the profit or loss occurred to any of our client. 

Kindly, consult your advisor first before taking any of our services. Also consult your advisor before investing in any of our recommendation. 

Interim Order By SEBI 

Down mentioned article was published in economic times website on 17th June 2015.

Link is as follows:

Sebi bars VPS Advisory from acting as portfolio manager
PTI Jun 17, 2015, 10.02PM IST

VPS Advisory Services|Varun Pratap Singh|sebi|proprietor|Portfolio Manager

(The regulator said VPS was…)
NEW DELHI: Capital markets regulator Sebi has barred VPS Advisory Services and its proprietor Varun Pratap Singh from acting as portfolio manager for providing investment related advisory services to clients without obtaining requisite approval.

The regulator said VPS was acting as a portfolio manager without obtaining registration from Sebi and therefore violated PMS (Portfolio Management Services) regulations.

In an order passed today, Sebi said VPS Advisory Services and its proprietor Varun Pratap Singh "cease and desist from acting as portfolio manager and not to solicit or undertake such activity or any other activities in the securities market, directly or indirectly, in any manner whatsoever."

In an interim order, Sebi found that portfolio management services were offered by VPS since March 2012 and most of the clients were individuals.

"On the basis of the information furnished by VPS, it is apparent that PMS were offered to at least 9 clients," the order said.

The regulator added that an analysis of bank statements provided by various banks shows that "there are several deposits into the bank accounts from many clients which are equivalent to the fees charged by VPS for various advisory services offered by VPS."

VPS Advisory Services has been directed to "immediately withdraw and remove all advertisements, representations, literatures, brochures, materials, publications, documents, website etc. in relation to their portfolio management activities in the securities market."

Sebi also directed it not to raise any funds from investors and not to divert any funds already raised from investors.

Sebi said these directions would take effect immediately and would be in force until further orders.