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First Leasing Company of India


First Leasing was incorporated 36 years back as the First Leasing Company in India. Today, Leasing is an essential part of the financial systems and provides an important source of funds for every sector of the Indian Economy, right from Consumer Finance related transactions to equipment for the Pharmaceutical, Automobile, Software’s and Telecommunication Industries etc. Leasing is used as an additional source of capital for financing the capital assets of industries which enables them to reduce the earlier dependence on working capital resources.

Leasing provided a route for accessing finance to business which promotes domestic production, economic growth and job creation. An effective Leasing industries improves the prospects for investment in many sectors particularly in capital intensive industries.

Globalization of the Indian economy brought several Non-Banking Financial Companies into the market resulting in more intensive competition. The Reserve Bank of India has taken several steps including reducing risks weight age and provisioning norms for Loans given to Non-Banking Financial Companies so as to help them survive in the current liquidity crises. First Leasing with its 36 years of successful experience respond to these market development by adopting safe credit policies and procedures and prudent asset and liability management instead of attempting to force growth.

The Leasing Industry holds immense potential. The growing Indian Economy will continue to provide several growth opportunities for the financial services industries in India. A positive development in the industry adding to the conviction that the Leasing Industry has good future prospects is that Indian Industry is shedding its conservative attitude of preference for asset ownership and increasingly moving towards leased equipment.

First Leasing Company of India Limited with its 36 years of Track records has been ableto run its business operations in a profitable manner and generate adequate funds to meetits financial obligations to banks and other credit grantors.

The Non-Banking financial Companies continue to face competition from the local and multinational players in the market. The Leasing Industry grew despite several constraints. These problems relate to the inadequacy of funding , insufficient tax benefits, multiplicity of taxes and the absence of specific legislation governing lease transactions. The matching of the lease duration with the assets intended life are the most important criteria to minimize the lease risk. The indiscriminate entry of new companies into the industry evidenced a need for regulating the functioning of the Industry and the Reserve Bank of India imposed certain restrictions.

Large professionally managed independent leasing companies with good brand image areal one expected to succeed and grow. Mushroom leasing companies lacking in professional expertise were forced to exit.


The Company is engaged in financial activities viz. providing lease assistance, Hire Purchase Financing and Loans. The Company is also engaged in Wind Power Generation. However, the requirement to furnish segment wise performance will not be applicable.


Fortunately apex growth is re-establishing itself even as Asia promises to be the future growth leader as opposed to the Western World.
The auto industry has revived and is on a fast growth track. Leading up market automotive manufacturers such as Porsche and BMW have commenced operations in India as there is a pent up demand from the Indian middle class which is rapidly getting converted to "consumerism" as standards of living and salary levels grow!
The telecom sector continues on its rapid expansion track, as does the demand for hotels, with the upcoming Commonwealth games. A great deal of attention is showered on funding the Infrastructure and bank lending rates are softened to about 6% foreign infrastructure centric non banks.

The demand for IT equipment is perennial as government places huge orders for computers to encourage Computer literacy in state run schools all over the country. The foregoing represents hopeful opportunities to expand our business.