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Navneet Publications (India) Ltd, a successful publisher of supplementary/reference books, since 1959, is the only Indian publisher to be listed on National and Mumbai Stock Exchanges. Navneet reconciles tradition with the modern, which explains why they continue to stay steadfast by the values that they have cherished over the number of decades they have been in business and are still able to respond to current day practices in technology and modern management with speed and foresight.

The Company Today.
Navneet Publications (India) Ltd is today in the business of educational and children books publishing, scholastic paper stationery and non paper stationery products. With more than 5000 titles in English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and foreign languages, the company has emerged as a leading educational products and services company in India. The company’s products are sold under the brands ‘Navneet’, ‘Vikas’, ‘FfUuNn’,’Boss’ and ‘NavneetNxt’.
In 1993, Navneet saw opportunity in the exports of stationery products for which it has now started state of art manufacturing facilities in Vasai (near Mumbai), Daman and Silvasa (Union Territories bordering Maharashtra and Gujarat). In the same year, Navneet also launched its paper stationery products for the domestic market. Products range includes tight bound note books, long books, hard case books and drawing books.

The Printing Set-Up.
Today, Navneet has a state-of-the-art printing facility with a capacity to convert 100 tons of paper per day. Their fleet of machines includes 3 two colour Rotary Harris machines, 1 four colour Rotary Harris machine, 1 Planeta 4 colour machine, 1 Planeta 5 colour machine, Kolbus Perfect binding machine (binding capacity of 50,000 books per day). They have an ultramodern auto-stacker warehouse facility to store upto 5,000 tons of inventory.
Their ultramodern paper stationery manufacturing plant with capacity of processing 150 tons of paper per day houses 3 ECH Will machines, 4 Linomatic machines, 1 Planeta 4 colour machine and 1 Kugler binding machine. They have a binding capacity of over one lac books with 3 Bindomatic sewing machines  and one Womaco spiral binding machine.

Navneet Edutainment…in sync with future.
Navneet first came out with a CD-ROM Title Talking Pictures, followed by a series of seven CD-ROMs on other major topics where there was a market potential. Their subsidiary, Navneet Edutainment, is formed to provide content for the students appearing for the tenth standard and later for the 12th standard and other school going children.

e-Sense….makes sense.

e-Sense can be broadly classified as Distance learning and computer based teaching/learning. It is a very powerful medium and if integrated with education will revolutionize the teaching methods as it would standardize teaching and will help in learning better, understanding faster and remembering more.
Navneet has initiated its efforts in Maharashtra and Gujarat to address the challenges in achieving its primary objectives. It has prepared syllabus based relevant content called as “Class Room Teaching Module”, in English and regional medium of instruction, which can be used in the class room. The content is offered to the school with relevant hardware with a mission to convert the school to IT enabled school over few years.

Growth Record:

Navneet Publications (India)  announced a substantial rise in standalone net profit for the quarter ended September 2010.  During the quarter, the profit of the company rose 35.74% to Rs 97.60 million from Rs 71.90 million in the same quarter previous year.
Net sales for the quarter for the quarter rose 7.54% to Rs 992.10 million, while total income for the quarter rose 8.29% to Rs 1,008.80 million, when compared with the prior year period.
It posted earnings of Rs 0.41 a share during the quarter, registering 36.67% growth over prior year period.

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