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Vision to search emerging sector

Many Investors and traders are very curious to know what our future is. .. I mean future companies which will bring the changes and enhances the growth of the country. Lets put in other words which could be understand by every one lets talk broadly on the sectors which will bring boon for any nation at least for India.
So my dear friends, to answer this we have to go back to history ev ery time  the industry had been developed in order to keep the necessity of the mass .secondly those industries which can give services to above industry. Mass means us. Let’s take some example
Basis Requirement of any mankind:
Roti, Kapda, Makan
To fulfill these demands we have sugar, grain, cooking oil, and various other industries .Also to help these above industries we have various friendly industries provide services like cold storages and logistic industry. So u see every thing is interrelated.
To provide kapda (cloths) we have garment industry and to support that we have endless list of industries like retail industry, various fashion industry etc.
And finally we need makan (house) to live and now we know even in our small or big city we can see multi story buildings, new SEZ (Special Economic Zone) no wonder 1 billion population requires more houses to live which gave boon to developers industry and then gave opportunity to grow cement, iron and various other industries which support construction companies.
So that’s it are our requirements are??   Only these sectors we can invest?? This answer I guess you can give very well.  Let’s make some check list of our requirements:
After having all above mentioned three need of mankind we look for some more basic needs... and these are:
Health and Medicine
And this is the era of speed, fast, electrification, without any delay services that means Power yes you are getting me correct electricity.
So my dear friends, I will guide you to choose the best emerging companies out of these sectors keep reading this blog to know more……..