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Opportunity in India

In terms of average annual economic growth rates, China ranked 1st during 1982-  92 and 3rd during 1992-2002, India’s rank being 22nd and 16th respectively.

In the list of largest exporters, US tops the list (13.59% of world exports) while China (4.13%) ranks 7th and India (0.88%) ranks 29th.

Value of Industrial output in India is the 12th largest (and China 3rd largest). US value of Industrial output is 17.5 times that of India and more than 3 times that of China.

US has the largest service sector output. China ranks 8th and India 15th. US service sector output is more than 25 times that of India and 14 times that of China.

India is the third largest producer of cereals after China and US.

Meat – India is 6th, China 1st, US 2nd.

Fruit – China 1st then India, US.

Vegetables - China 1st, then India and US

Wheat - China, India, Russia, US.

Rice - China, India

Sugar – Brazil, India, China, US

Tea - India, China

Coffee - India is 5th

Aluminium - China 1st, US 4th, India 9th

Cotton – China 1st, US 2nd, India 3rd

Rubber – US 2nd, China 4th, India 8th

Oilseeds - US 1st, India 5th

Coal – China 1st, US 2nd, India 4th

Energy Production – US 1st, China 2nd, India 5th ,

Largest Road Network - 1st US, 2nd India (half of US), China 4th

Longest Rail Network : US 1st, India 3rd, China 5th , US 4 times longer than India.

Largest Merchant Shipping Fleet : US 3rd, China 5th, India 22nd

Least Literate: India among the 20 at the bottom.

Color TV Ownership (per “000) : US 2nd, China and India not in top 50.

Hospital beds: US 47th, China 51st, India not in top 38.

Telephone Lines: US 11th, China, India not in top 44

CD player: US 16th, China, India not in top 29

Computer: US 2nd, China & India not in top 37.

Book Sales: US (1), China (6), India (13), US value nearly 40 times of India’s or 10 times of China’s.

Daily newspapers (copies/ 000) :US 15th, China and India not in top 30

Music Sales ($m) :US 1st, China 19th, India not in top 22.

Internet: US 1st, China & India not in top 23.

Largest Forest harvest (c.m.m) : US 1st, India 2nd and China 3rd.

Natural Gas: US (1), China and India not in top 10

Highest car ownership - US 12th, UK 23rd, India & China does not figure in top 50.